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Our Services

B.A.M.B. Transition House is located in the heart of Omaha. Our program provides a safe, supportive, and inspiring environment for men transitioning from prison back into the community. We prioritize candidates who align with our mission and are in need of housing. Upon acceptance into the home, candidates and management get started on creating a concrete plan for his vocational, individual, family, and transitional phase goals. The candidates "life" goals are reviewed for progress each month with the house manager and necessary adjustments are made to help him achieve his goals.  

B.A.M.B. provides comfortable, clean, and a judgement free living environment. Our home is monitored for strict abstinence to encourage recovery and transitioning back into the community. All residents of B.A.M.B. will have access to critical services, court advocacy and compliance, transportation, and more. 

Additional Amenities Include:

Security System


On-Site Computers

Washer & Dryer


4 Bedrooms

2 bathrooms

Our Core Values Include;

Self -determination, Dignity, Respect, Integrity, Confidentiality, We Never Settle, We Act Honestly, and We Are In it Together

Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide growth-inspired environment conducive to overcoming barriers by implementing structures that encourage evolvement of communities through empowered minds. 

Man with Sweatshirt
Male Student

Our Vision

To become a prominent model of reintegration and effectively influence the direction of mental freedom for all humanity.

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